Step into the World of Horticultural Innovation!

Start Afresh was established in 2015 to address gaps in scientific understanding and practical application in the production and post-harvest horticultural sectors.

Start Afresh, the horticultural innovators, have three main activities – horticultural investment, applied research and insight and, training and education.


Horticultural Investment

From the very formation of Start Afresh, it’s principals were driven to co-own horticultural assets and create opportunities for others to invest.

If this excites you, contact us to discuss opportunities or interests…

Applied Research and Insight

Our applied science is designed to bridge gaps in understanding, create value and improve returns for our clients, partners and collaborators.

Training and Education

Growth in the horticulture sector will not be constrained by capital investment, or by available land; it will be constrained by lack of knowledgeable and job-ready human capability.

Start Afresh offers applied education and training opportunities either in partnership with training institutions, or privately on a fee-payable basis.