Work hard, play harder!

There is nothing that the Start Afresh team enjoy more than getting time out of the office to enjoy each other’s company and try something new…

First day in new lab

May 2022 - Opening our new lab

In May 2022, Start Afresh opened our new laboratory and coolroom complex. This is a great addition to our facilities, and a great place to work for our team. The addition of 4 temperature-controlled spaces adjacent to the lab have given us a great workspace that is ideal for our research programme.


Start Afresh visit the Dartmoor team

In mid-2021, the Start Afresh team headed to Hawkes Bay for a Strategic Planning Session. As part of the trip, the team visited the Dartmoor Apple Orchard to get to know the team that is developing this innovative, high-productivity horticultural enterprise.


Start Afresh visit the Miro whanau

Late in 2020, the Start Afresh team got out of the office and got down and dirty on the Te Teko blueberry orchard of our partners, Miro.  This type of visit gives all staff a greater level of engagement with the businesses we are aiming to support.


2020 Xmas function... What a team

Christmas 2020 function with the team. Up the Mount, Paintball and then out to Burger, Burger.  The young ones keep us on our toes, and make us work for our dinner!


The start of lab work in 2021

In January 2021, note Lara’s enthusiasm for the start of lab work with arrival of the first sample. It was without doubt that her enthusiasm would be tested over the next few weeks/months!

Photo 3

Helping the Auckland City Mission

In May 2020, Simone, Lara, Dave and Pranoy emptying boxes of spare fruit over the single lane grader so we could send fruit to the Auckland Mission. All  the time, fruit and expenses were donated by Start Afresh staff. Well done team, we love the commitment to such a worthy cause.

Photo 4

2019 Xmas function... Go-carting!

Christmas 2019 staff function.  The winning teams at Go Carting.  Where’s competitive Dave? Didn’t quite make the podium…. hee hee.