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Storage and Handling of Kiwifruit

Start Afresh is once again offering its 2-day Storage and Handling of Kiwifruit training opportunity for the Kiwifruit postharvest sector. Since 2016, over 1200 people have attended Start Afresh training courses designed to improve understanding in the industry and ultimately improve quality outcomes for the industry.

This mid-level course covers basic physiology, principles of storage and inventory management and important principles that will improve understanding and assist your staff that deal with kiwifruit from harvest to storage. This course would be suited to quality staff in the packhouse, coolstore staff, inventory managers, or those interacting with the industry and want a solid understanding of kiwifruit and what affects it’s longevity in storage.

This course is co-branded with Massey University.

Date: 8-9 February, 2024

Venue: The Charthouse, 72 Keith Allen Drive, Sulphur Point, Tauranga

Charge: $500+GST (note a $175+GST admin fee will be charged for withdrawal within 7 days of the event)

This course will cover the following:

Time Activity
0845 – 0900 Registration, tea & coffee
0900 – 0930 Introduction
0930 – 1230 Session 1: Understanding Fruit (incl. morning tea)
1215 – 1245 Lunch
1245 – 1330 Session 2: Principles of Heat Transfer
1330 – 1400 Session 3: Sources of Heat
1430 – 1600 Session 4: Cooling Operations (incl. afternoon tea)
Day 2
0900 – 1115 Field Trip – MPAC Tauriko (incl. morning tea)
1115 – 1230 Session 5: Modifying the Atmosphere
1230 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1500 Session 6: Impacts on Quality
1500 – 1600 Session 7: Transport systems (incl. afternoon tea)
1600 – 1615 Reflection, feedback and closing remarks

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Nick BarrettCoolstore Manager - EastPack Limited
Thank you and your team for putting on a course that was so engaging and accurate to our industry, and very well presented. The sort of stuff you are teaching I believe is so important to our industry especially when we are having as many quality issues as we are currently, onshore and overseas.
Kevin Cheadle5 High Automation Operator - EastPack Limited
I would like to say again what an awesome course you provide last week, I really enjoyed it and I must say it is the best kiwi fruit course I have done in fact I have run out of people to talk to about it. Being a grower and working in a cool store environment there is such an urgency to get our storage right first time and this course certainly addressed these issues. And there were certainly things I didn’t know or was unsure of. Personally, I would like to see this course go out to a lot more people, even if another course was modified to capture entry level starters who have no idea of the industry, as they would gain so much experience and we can get the skill set right at the beginning. Anyway, I will carry on being passionate about the industry and certainly be an ambassador for this course and to get more people trained. Keep up the good work.